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Earn While You Learn

Want to be a great parent and EARN the items you need for your baby while you are learning?

The Earn While You Learn program allows you to educate yourself on parenting your child while earning Boutique Bucks and Dad Bucks that can be used to purchase all of the new or next-to-new items you will need for your baby.

You can earn a brand new crib and mattress or new car seat by completing only eight classes.

Dad can earn Dad Bucks to exchange for items such as household tools while taking classes exclusively for men.

You can participate in Earn While You Learn as an individual, couple or class. Your peer counselor will help you determine a lesson plan unique to your specific goals and needs. You decide how to spend and budget your own Boutique Bucks.

To view additional classes that qualify for Earn While You Learn please see PARENTING SERVICES listed under SERVICES.

Classes include:

  • Money Management
  • Basics of Budgeting
  • Checking Accounts
  • Positive Credit
  • Saving for the Future
  • Apartment Renting
  • Roommates – Conflict Resolution
  • Furnishing and Decorating a Home
  • Housecleaning 101
  • Time Management for the Parent
  • Shopping for a Car
  • Insurance Needs
  • Using a Recipe
  • Surviving at the Checkout
  • Menu Planning